Piotr Michałowski (1800–1855)
Portrait of Maksymilian Oborski on Horseback, c. 1840–1848
Purchased in 1960

material: oil on canvas

dimensions: 89 x 62 cm

description: Maksymilian Oborski (1809–1878), an amateur draughtsman and watercolourist, participant in the uprisings of 1831 and 1863, met Michałowski while being in exile in Paris. However, they became friends a bit later, back in the country, when, between 1837 and 1849, the former administered Czartoryski’s estates in Sieniawa, situated close to Bolestraszyce, where Piotr Michałowski lived with his family from 1840. The stables in Sieniawa held a number of beautiful horses which Oborski willingly lent to his friend as models. Oborski also offered the painter his help in the matters concerning the farm. In return, the latter advised him in the field of art and allowed Oborski to copy his works, thereby becoming his teacher and master. It is a formal portrait. It shows Oborski dressed in elegant apparel in subdued tints with a green cap providing an accent of colour. He is mounted confidently and gracefully on a beautiful Arab. The silhouettes of the rider and the horse, in their harmonious movement, strongly enhance the diagonal composition. This portrait was undoubtedly painted for Oborski from the very beginning, and it belonged to his family until 1960. Anna Zeńczak

exposition: The Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art in Sukiennice,
The Cloth Hall, 1, Main Market Square

key: Romanticism. Towards national art >>>

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