Interior of the Wawel Royal Cathedral A Detachment of “Krakusi” Temptation of St. Anthony Kościuszko’s Oath The Maid of Orleans, sketch Portrait of Konstancja Poniatowska A Street in Paris Wernyhora Nero’s Torches At the Well Death of Ellenai Portrait of Aspazja von Goldschmidt Portrait of Urszula Tarnowska Cardinal Casimir the Great. Design of the stained glass window for the chancel of the Krakow cathedral Ellenai Bowling Model of the Monument to Fryderyk Chopin Self-portrait in a White Attire Portrait of the French Lady-Writer Gabrielle Reval Italian Landscape Emballages, objets, personnages 2 Commedia dell'arte Frame 2B/72/80 Still Life with a White Jug Blessing of Easter Food (Blessing of Easter Food at Bronowice) Figures Control of the „Operation 8 Children Dragoon sword-palash with an etching on the blade of the initial verse of st. Johns’ gospel Knight’s helmet Double-barrelled flint-lock shotgun - detail Breastplate of the Horse Guards or Dragoons of King Augustus II - detail Wheel-lock hunting rifle - detail Patent for Grand Cross of the Order Of Virtuti Militari for major Benedykt Kołyszko Match- and wheel-lock target gun General Marian Kukiel (1885-1973) 18th-19th century Polish fire-arms Gold Cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari of Józef Patelski, lieutenant of the 1st Infantry Rifles Regiment Hunting “tschinke” rifle with wheel-lock Polish half-heavy cavalry Renaissance spur Wender type over-and-under flint-lock shotgun - detail Memorabilia of the First Marshal of Poland Józef Piłsudski (1867-1935)
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